Coincidence, or Cthonspiracy?

SignalFire's Ponythulhu
Bigshot Toyworks' Little Maddie
Little Maddie

Back in 2012, Jamie Chambers’ little company Signal Fire Studios began selling a line of T-shirts, including a “Ponythulhu: Friendship Is Madness” shirt.

On Jan. 1 this year, Kimber Streams of Laughing Squid reported that Bigshot Toyworks is bringing out a line of toys and animation shorts based on “Little Maddie,” with the slogan: “Friendship is Maddness.” (See “Friendship is Maddness, A Cthulhu-Themed My Little Pony.”)

Coincidence, or Cthonspiracy? I can’t say for sure, but I can ask you to show Jamie some mad frienship, share this post, and maybe buy one of those shirts.

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