King Me?

Richard Loomis, of Flying Buffalo fame (Tunnels & Trolls, Nuclear War, Ace of Aces, etc.), has a history of publishing “Famous Game Designer” card decks in time for the Origins convention. (I’ve linked to those decks in the past, in game rules on this Web site—Demon Bound and Clashing Blades!, for instance.)

This year, he’s at it again, this time as a Kickstarter project. For just $2, you can vote for a game designer to be honored with a King! For just $5, you get a deck mailed to your door—and two votes.

With 6 days left, the project is not quite funded; but it occurs to me that just 750 $2 votes for (*cough* *cough*) “Lester Smith” would pretty much clinch the deal.

So whaddya say: king me?

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