The Pastime Machine: Coming Soon

The Pastime MachineWith 2013 pretty firmly in the rearview mirror (except for some final Cthulhu Haiku II business to attend to), I’m peering forward into 2014.

So far, three conventions are booked: QuinCon, Gen Con, and Con on the Cob. I’m sure to do Gaming Hoopla spring and fall, once their 2014 details are up. And I’m currently making plans for Gary Con.

You may also be aware of the d6•d6 CORE RPG rules I’ve been building online, with a wide variety of genre setting chapters as add-ons—including several by other industry folk (and more to be revealed soon). A few new card games are waiting attention, too.

Oh, and a sixth anthology of “Popcorn Horror” fiction and poetry in time for Halloween, of course.

But the main reason for this post is to announce plans for the title pictured above: The Pastime Machine: a Byronic Mashup of The Time Machine and The Divine Comedy, aka 1001 101 Raving Sonnets! (Click the image for a closer view.)

It’s a novel, each chapter a sonnet, conflating Wells’ and Dante’s themes, in the spirit of Byron’s Don Juan, with some Midsummer Night’s Dream and Poetic Edda tossed in, professionally edited by a college buddy of mine, with illustrations from one of my favorite line artists, potentially colorized by her art partner (if funding provides).

More news soonish!

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