Reviews: Fear the Light, and Gargoyle Knight

Fear the Light
Gargoyle Knight cover

Somehow, I mistakenly thought I’d already posted reviews of these two novels on Amazon. That error has been corrected now. I definitely recommend both: Gargoyle Knight was my first exposure to William Massa‘s work, and it made me a fan. But Fear the Light sealed the deal, leaving me eager to read more by this author.

Gargoyle Knight is a tale of a Celtic lord who sacrificed himself fifteen centuries ago to halt a tide of gargoyles in service to an ancient demon. To do so, he had to become a human/gargoyle hybrid. Now, a millennium and a half later, he reawakens from his stone form to put a final end to that ancient threat. It’s a rollicking story, and the central character is thoroughly engaging (though I might wish the secondary characters were more fleshed out). The plot itself is great, and I look forward to a rumored sequel.

Fear the Light is a vampire murder mystery inspired by Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Dracula, having survived Van Helsing’s assault on his castle in Transylvania, has been siring vampires here and there ever since. Now someone has slain him, and his clan gathers at his French chalet to root out the culprit. But it turns out that is exactly what the killer wanted! It’s a fun book, with lots of distinctive vampire characters and a plot that kept me guessing to the end. Highly recommended!

You can find my Fear the Light review and Gargoyle Knight review on Amazon. Each novel is only $2.99, and both are well worth that price.

As a final note, let me add that having read both books, I asked Bill Massa about including them in the CORE RPG project, and he agreed! So you’ll soon be able to run your own adventures in those worlds (as well as in a crossover of both).

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