Andy Hopp Surprises Me . . .

Low Life

Last year at Con on the Cob, on a whim, I sat down to play Andy Hopp’s Low Life role-playing game—with Andy as game master. Here’s a confession: As much as I’ve been amused reading the unfolding setting over the years, I didn’t really imagine it was role-play-able. Like HoL, it struck my relatively structured brain as too chaotic and—well—weird to probably hold up in play.

Boy was I wrong.

I played a female smelf (a race that uses stenches to create magical effects), as we wandered from a literal hole-in-the-wall “diner,” across hills and through forests, encountering all sorts of odd and deadly creatures, on our quest to recover stolen abilities. It was delightful!

G'ZoinkLater that weekend, I sat down again with Andy to play G’Zoink, a Memory-style card game set in the same world. Again, I thought, “How good can this really be?” I’m not a big fan of Memory games (in part because my memory is so bad). And again, I was proven delightfully wrong. G’Zoink is a deceptively simple game with lots and lots of depth. Highly recommended!

Having fallen in love with the world of Mutha Oith through these games, I’m thrilled to announce that as a result of a recent conversation at Gen Con, Andy and I will be including Low Life as a free setting chapter in the d6xd6 CORE RPG. So there’s another six pages added to the d6xd6 CORE RPG book, and another chance to experience Andy’s madcap world for yourself.

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  • August 19, 2014 at 10:33 am

    Andy is good people, and Low Life IS delightful. Glad it’s included!

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