Leo Anderson Bests Ithaqua!

Leo Anderson - Treasure Hunter

At long last, after many defeats, often just one battle away from the end, Leo Anderson has emerged victorious over Ithaqua! (With a score of 5,330.)

One thing learned in the process: when time is pressing, Clue icons become precious as gold. Because every purchase at the Souvenir Shop or Trading Post requires an entire turn, it’s more cost-effective for Leo (who generates an extra Trophy point from each adventure) to buy Common and Unique items there, then tackle adventures that yield up Clues, and save those Clues to the bitter end.

The Spell cheat helped (click up to three icons to save them with a single Spell), though I think he could have prevailed even without it. At game’s end, he had several spells unspent, along with many Unique items.

Next up, Trashcan Pete runs the gantlet of Great Old Ones.


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