Ashcan Pete FTW!

Ashcan Pete

Yig, Tsathoggua, Hastur, Azathoth, Cthulhu, the Dark Pharaoh, and Ithaqua have all now been bested by the wandering scrounger who is Ashcan Pete. As usual, Ithaqua was pretty difficult; in the end Pete bested him by

  • hanging around the museum until doom seemed inevitable (9 of 11 spots filled);
  • choosing Unique Items as rewards almost exclusively to that point;
  • spending most of his time in the “Lost & Found” department, digging up stuff

In the end, R’Lyeh proved helpful again, allowing a mad dash for Ithaqua’s cave when the supply horses fell in the ravine, instead of slow starvation on the trail.

I’m not sure who to have run the gantlet next. Maybe just start at the head of the line-up with Sister Mary.

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