Lost My Medallion

I had a great time at Capricon a couple of weekends ago…

TorstenThat loss was fairly humiliating. Given an odd number of players, I took part in the tournament myself, and ended up in the final round. Torsten’s opponent ended up accepting defeat (instead of mutual destruction) to guarantee someone would have a shot at the medallion. Torsten beat me in the tournament itself, winning the opportunity to fight for the medallion.

It was a hard-fought battle, with both of us severely wounded near the end. Then he pulled a perfect parry, activating the “Special Events” deck, turned up a Queen of Spades, and punched my fencer with his free hand, knocking my guy out, and taking the medallion from his unconscious body. Sigh.

So I’ve had to purchase another medallion for future convention challenges.

Congratulations, Torsten. Well fought.

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