Aspiring Deafening Scarecrow

My favorite chapter of the Tao te Ching starts with, “Fill your bowl to the brim / and it will spill.”

The rest of that chapter gives me lots of comfort, but that first couplet I just can’t master. I’m constantly spilling.

Some call it “workaholic.” I prefer to think of it as “glutton for punishment.” To paraphrase Psalms 23:5, my bucket list sloppeth over.

Not that I never have down time. It’s just that my down time tends to be Spanish or French practice on Duolingo, or Japanese script on Kana Mind, or drafting a poem. Even TV and novels tend to become research for future projects.

Sometimes, however, I just play. Usually it’s Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory or Elder Sign: Omens. Once in a great while, it’s Entanglement. If you’ve ever played, you’ll appreciate the images below. 🙂 (Click each for a bigger view.)




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