Next Up, Odyssey Con!

Odyssey Con banner

This weekend is Odyssey Con, in Madison, Wisconsin, with special guests Heather Brewer, my old pal Matt Forbeck, and Jonathan Maberry.

It’s a con full of panels, workshops, and gaming. If you haven’t yet signed up, visit the Odyssey Con Web site to register.

I’ll be attending as a panelist on eight different topics, listed below with the other panelists. And you can find me in open gaming in the hours between, demoing Popcorn Press card games, and maybe a spontaneous D6xD6 RPG session or two. I hope to see you there!

11 p.m.: Zombie Games: Have We Hit Bottom Yet?
Panelists: Bill Bodden, Lester Smith

10 a.m.: Games In The Classroom, or “Can I roll Dice To Kill It?”
Panelists: Aaron Pavao, Doug Niles, Lester Smith

1 p.m.: Awards (Huh) What Are They Good For?
Panelists: Matt Forbeck, Matt McElroy, Don Perrin, Lester Smith

3 p.m.: Self-Publishing Your Game: How To Know If It’s Right For You?
Panelists: Aaron Pavao, Jason Blair, Lester Smith

6 p.m.: Is Crowdfunding the Way To Go?
Panelists: Tiara Lynn Agresta, Jason Blair, Lester Smith, Rob Wieland

10 p.m.: Breaking Into the Games Industry: How NOT To Do It
Panelists: Tiara Lynn Agresta, Jason Blair, Aaron Pavao, Don Perrin, Lester Smith, Rob Wieland

11 a.m.: The Golden Age of Gaming — What The Hell Happened?
Panelists: Bill Bodden, Doug Niles, Aaron Pavao, Lester Smith

1 p.m.: GMs: How To Handle Triage When The Party Goes Off-Map
Panelists: Lester Smith, Rob Wieland

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