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One serendipitous benefit of creating the D6xD6 RPG has been sharing some truly great novels by other writers. Promoting them is a win-win-win situation:

  1. You, as reader, get pointed to great fiction (often free), vetted by a fairly picky guy with a long history in publishing.
  2. The authors get some extra exposure which, in a sea of new titles, can’t hurt.
  3. I get the enjoyment of sharing some of my favorite reads and playing in their worlds.

Let me share six specific titles that are among my favorites. You owe it to yourself to read them now. (Thank me later.)

The Ancient: In this kick-ass, action-packed story, seven Babylonian demons awaken in modern New Jersey. Mass destruction ensues. An eternally resurrected warrior known as “The Ancient” recruits a couple of unfortunate present-day sidekicks to help put down the seven. The author has a wry sense of humor, despite the dark tale.

Angelfire: I don’t often reread a book (what with so many new things), but I’m currently rereading this one, and finding it utterly satisfying again. The author’s take on angels trapped here on earth, battling an endless hidden war against demon-possessed humans, with blades and elemental “bloodink” tattoos, is simply unique.

Peter and the Vampires: In a completely different vein, this collection of four stories for fourth-graders has everything to satisfy an adult as well. This volume finds 10-year-old Peter moving to his crotchety grandfather’s house, where he and his mischievous new friend Dill first face dead men, then vampires, then a changeling, and then a swamp monster. Loads of fun!

Wild-Born: The first in a “pentalogy” of stories about a secret war of psychic powers in modern times, this tale is sometimes tragic but always heroic, and deeply moving. It’s another on my “read it again” list (as well as being one of my favorite role-play settings).

Stray: This is quite simply one of the best science-fiction tales I’ve ever encountered. Amazingly well conceived, this cross-dimension story is frankly like nothing else I’ve ever read, though I’d rank it with Andre Norton and C. J. Cherryh in terms of sci-fi vision.

Graveyard Shift coverGraveyard Shift: Part of the “Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.” series, this tale of a lowly reaper inadvertently caught up in intrigue and war for control of the afterlife—but who still finds time to go shopping—is an utter hoot. I binge read the entire series over the holidays and can’t wait for the next installment. (Watch for a D6xD6 RPG “World of Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.” treatment relatively soon!)

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