Rise of Cthulhu

SOLD! Price: $15.00 (includes US Priority Mail shipping*) 1 copy available.

This near-mint boxed game for 2 players includes 50 cultists cards, 8 monster cards, 6 artifact cards, 8 Old One cards, 1 Dark Minion token, and an 8-page rule book.

The rules are fairly simple and straightforward, and play time is roughly 30 minutes. Each player works to amass cultist cards at each of the four locations, and the player with the most points controls that spot. Matching numbers, colors, or both activates a special rule for that player, and when an Old One appears at that location, the controlling player also gets one use of that being’s power. The double-sided Location cards also have optional rules that can be activated by each player with particular cultist plays.

When an Old One appears, that Location is locked; the Dark Minion can also temporarily lock a Location, and it “eats” the highest value cultist card there, potentially changing which player controls that spot. Once 3 Old Ones are in play, the game ends and the player with the most Locations controlled wins. (Some Old Ones vary victory conditions, and tie-breaking rules are included—though in keeping with the subject matter, it is possible for both players to lose!)

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