Glitter Ball

I live next door to two toddling granddaughters. It should come as no surprise that their house and ours, and everything inside, are dusted with glitter.

That got me thinking about where glitter must come from. Are there glitter factories? Can you imagine an explosion in a glitter factory?

Or maybe there are glitter mines, with miners suffering from glitter lung.

What if there were a particularly rich vein of glitter beneath Yellowstone. What if the Yellowstone super volcano suddenly erupted, spewing trillions of tons of glitter into the upper atmosphere. That would spread around the world, causing a catastrophic glitter winter. All plant and animal life would perish. Only Twilight vampires would survive. And eventually even they would starve, turning to sparkle dust.

But it wouldn’t all be tragedy. Think of how lovely our planet would look from outer space! Aliens might come from all over the galaxy to marvel at this glittering ball. They could even open a space disco!

Such a happy outcome. It just goes to show that, indeed, every cloud has a glitter lining.

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