Feeding Ithaqua

Search for “Elder Sign” on my blog, and you’ll find a whole series of posts about my forays into the app, battles fought, best and worst characters, best teams for different Great Old Ones, and so on.

Lately I’ve been back at it with a fresh install, on a new phone, this time tackling each GOO with whatever random team of investigators the game provides. Previously learned strategies have worked well, and I’ve come to appreciate a few characters more, especially in particular pairings, with the result of every GOO defeated but one—Ithaqua.

That scenario is brutal. So many teams of investigators have died that I can’t keep count. 

Tonight was particularly heartbreaking. Through careful planning, my team gained the triple Elder Signs of R’lyeh, to dash past the final ravine and land just one away from Ithaqua’s cave, only to have those three signs stripped away when our horses spooked. 

The wolves we had ignored to get there now began to multiply, and without any promising sites to gain more Elder Signs, the team’s few remaining stocks of food ran out, and everyone starved (as depicted above).

Actually, I’ve had one random team defeat Ithaqua, but not in time to save Dr. Ashley—which is the ultimate goal of the mission.

I’ll try again tomorrow. The challenge is engaging!

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