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US flag against white clouds and blue skyMy Great-Uncles Albert, Goldren, Herbert, J.C., and Willis served in World War II. As did my father-in-law, Harvey. My great-grandmother’s cousin spent time as a Japanese prisoner of war.

My stepfather Chuck served during the Korean War. So did Great-Uncle Glen, who fought hand-to-hand there.

My Uncles Don and Bill served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. Second cousins Carlos Irwin, Donald, Gordon, & William were service members then as well.

My brother Steve & I served in the National Guard during peacetime. Our younger brother Randy served full-time Army, mainly in Korea. Our cousin Ritchie is full time. My daughter Christine met her husband Christopher while both were in the Army. He served combat duty in Iraq.

Many of these people have been career service members. And that’s just my side of the family. Jennifer has her own list, running back to World War I.

When I hear, “Support our troops,” I think, “My family is our troops.” When I hear, “I prefer heroes who weren’t captured,” I think, “I prefer politicians who weren’t deferred service.” And when I see veterans homeless, or struggling to get VA benefits, well, you don’t want to know what I’m thinking.

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  • February 5, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    My family’s resume is pretty thin and/or we don’t speak much of it.
    – Irish ancestor who died in the finale of the Civil War
    – Grandpa Joel was in the USN during WW2
    – cousin Frank drafted in WW1 but influenza ran through basic, preventing him from going to Europe with the AEX under Pershing
    – Uncle Loren was in Vietnam but he got an easy assignment like Marc
    – Loren’s right-wing shithead son Ron was in the USN but was a mechanic for the Blue Angels, ooh the sacrifice he made for 12 years as he lectures me on how the Constitution works
    -Aunt Michele (not a sic) was a USN recruiter most of her career
    – Cousin Matthew was an army reservist officer (like a bookkeeper during Gulf Distraction 1)
    – Cousin Julia had to finish out her ROTC obligation as a sailor because she dropped out past the half-way point.

    With the exceptions of the Irish one & Frank, these people are all on my Dad’s side. My immediate family just isn’t keen on joining the armed forces, not because we aren’t patriotic or against sacrifice, we just know you can get killed, even during peacetime. Then throw in my mother’s side’s snobbery of…it’s for the less-educated who aren’t smart enough for college (see most of North Dakota). Makes us sound like the Romneys, Cheneys and Trumps. Three families who are always anxious to sacrifice the lives of other people’s children but are utter chickenshits themselves and the ones who love to yell those phrases at their opponents…such as you (especially) and me (a person who’s risk averse with other people’s lives).

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