The Graveyard of Webpages

This website is 21 years old. While searching it for one subject or another, I sometimes come across posts with links to articles that no longer exist on another site. (Or sites themselves that no longer exist!) Chances are, if I posted I want to keep it.

Which is where the “Wayback Machine” comes in, i.e.

Take this personal post from 29 April 2010, for example. I stumbled across it today, while looking for something else, and decided the “Need a Story Idea? Check Lost and Found,” link sounded worth reading again. Here’s where it landed me: “Oops.. This Page was not found.”

If you’re not code savvy, and you want to find the original, left-click the link, copy it, go to, and paste that link into their search bar. Up will come a series of calendar pages with spots marked for days when the page was last crawled. Click a dot on the calendar, click a time stamp on the pop-up, and you’ll be taken to the page their crawler copied.

So, now that old post of mine leads to the article after all!

It’s a good article, by the way. Worth your time. 🙂

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