Our Silent Majority Power

Photo by Igal Ness on Unsplash

We are in a worldwide struggle to break the death grip of a fearful, ignorant people led by status-quo politicians who are themselves beholden to short-sighted, quarterly earnings business.

You and I can make a real difference even from the privacy of our homes, without being publicly confrontational.

Simply donate to a just cause.

Even if it’s just a dollar a month, it affects the balance of power.

Worried about being swamped by email from ActBlue or whatever? Unsubscribe when those emails arrive, or better yet set a Gmail filter to trash them. (Even better yet, don’t let your minor discomfort outweigh the day-to-day suffering of others.)

I live on modest means. (The plight of aging game designers is no secret.) Thankfully, my bucket-list DriveThruRPG titles help fund my giving to Feeding America and the Bail Project.

Yes, I’m being pushy in this post. Nothing changes without being pushed. So please find a charity that speaks to you, skip McDonalds or Starbucks just once a month, and donate that cash. Challenge family and friends to do the same.

We don’t have to stand out front. We can make a difference by helping lift from behind.

It also lifts your spirits.

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