A Question of Relevance, Part 2

(From a 16 March 2022 Facebook post)

A follow-up to my previous post.

Thank you so much for the many comments. Every one of them is appreciated. Mulling them helps me think more clearly.

Here are some conclusions.

  • I have a bucket list of writing passions I couldn’t pursue while employed. The Pastime Machine and the D13 RPG were two big ones, but new ones keep coming. I’m a writer by nature. Apparently that’s never gonna go away.
  • I’m also an extrovert. Extroverts recharge by socializing. And (sigh) as twitchy as I am about the hubris of using the word “fans,” I thrive on contributing joy to other people’s lives. I’m not Emily Dickinson, introvert, working in secret, published posthumously.
  • The migraine/seizure condition means socializing via game conventions & store events is now out of the question. I must socialize online.
  • That’s new territory for everybody, businesses and individuals alike. Before retirement, developing/maintaining an online footprint for my employers was part of my job description. SEO, long-tail search presence, blog updates, casting a wide net, funneling to a call to action.

Just now, I’ve come to realize that some parts of my own net serve socialization better than others. Some are actually energy drains. Especially with neurology now nixing targets & time tables. What feed the need for interaction are Facebook, a few FB Group Pages, Kickstarter, & comments on my website & DriveThruRGP. TikTok when I can. But Patreon & BGG for me are draining.

Time to refocus. Thanks for helping to clarify. You’ve demonstrated that socialization in your comments. 🙂 <3

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