Ukraine Has Hobby Gamers Too

It’s a small world, full of gamers just like us. Which makes the invasion of the Ukraine personal.

We can use our gaming as a tool to affect that situation. One way is to help support the efforts of Ukrainian designer Andrea Sfiligoi, creator of Four Against Darkness, my hands-down favorite solo dungeon crawler (among other Ganesha products).

Here are three ways you can help him, his family, and friends:

  1. Buy Ganesha Games stuff. They’re available worldwide, not just DriveThruRPG, and not just in English. Visit for info.
  2. Back his Patreon. (I am.)
  3. Follow the Ganesha Games Facebook page. You’ll find personal news and other ways to use your hobby to help.

That last one is perfect even if (God forbid!) Four Against Darkness and the rest aren’t to your liking. 😲

Thanks for joining me in doing what you can to help our fellow gamers and their families bear up during this terrible time. ♥

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