Gary Con XV & Me

As I write this, it’s the wee hours of Thurs. a.m., & I’m still recovering from the whirlwind adventure that was Gary Con. Too much to cover in this fatigue, but let me at least offer some thanks.

To Abraham Limpo Martinez, for flying all the way from Barcelona, & for being at my side nearly the whole time.

To Dale Donovan for the digs (I mean that in both senses, you marvelous bastard), & to James Pearson for ensuring I always had a friendly face for support at events I ran. & just the camaraderie in general, you two.

To Kurt LaRue for another friendly face, for letting me in on his What We Do in the Shadows event, as Laszlo Cravensworth (“Bat!”), & for teaching this old dog a new GM trick. Gathering pre-game word prompts from players is brilliant, buddy! It also served my D13 RPG session well, by including a request for “don’t go there” details, and my Bookmark Supers session by including their character’s kryptonite-style weakness.

To Jolly Blackburn for inviting me to the KoDT party (congrats on issue #300!). To the guys at the tequila table before that; I’m still sort of blown away to have met Pat Kilbane & discover he’s a huge Dark Conspiracy RPG fan! Unfortunately, the in-depth conversations at those two events (about Pat’s “hero’s journey”-style documentary on the life of Gary Gygax, and with an AI expert at Kenzer Co’s party) meant missing the TSR party.

To everyone who autographed Abraham’s “guest book” (an old Spanish edition of the AD&D Player’s Manual). I’m especially proud of the famous folk who went out of their way to make him feel welcome.

To the Gary Con staff for accommodating my head health & the special care.

And yes, James Pearson, what with you & others, I’ll be back next year, & my family is pressing me to attend Gamehole Con too.

There are many other people to thank, ranging from old friends to the players at my events. But the TLDR music is beginning to play & I have to leave this podium. (I.e. post con fatigue is making me droopy.)

Cheers, gang!

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