Bookmark Dragon Dice Character Cases

It is a habit at Chez Smith that whenever Jennifer and Kate go shopping, they bring me back something red.

Anything red. A hardbound copy of The Magicians (an amazing trilogy, sort of  The Chronicles of Narnia  meets The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever), a footlong metal WWI biplane to hang from my ceiling, a series of Spiderman lunchboxes … and recently a pair of little stackable plastic containers.

Which I had no idea what to do with — until I started play-testing the Bookmark Dragon Dice RPG, and needed some way to store characters.

These little things suit that purpose perfectly! The square bookmark character sheets are legible through the lid; the dice themselves are visible through the back; and the cases stack nicely on the plastic deck boxes containing various GameMaster’s Apprentice decks on my game shelves.

Thanks, Jen and Kate!

One thought on “Bookmark Dragon Dice Character Cases

  • May 22, 2023 at 8:27 am

    I have custody of the family collection of Dragon dice, hundreds of them. Realy interested in Bookmark Dragon Dice RPG, when ill it be published?
    My boys (well now grown 25-37) and I am sure my RPG club would love it.
    I late pledged 100 Bookmark No HP RPG Sets, sadly updates 14 & 15 are only for KS backers, so not sure on progress.

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