Library Wings

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

I get it. The turmoil of shifting from Industrial Age to Information Age has many people frightened. Oil tycoons, for example. Good ol’ boys. Pretty much anyone who believes white-picket-fence America (and Britain, Germany, et al) was a Golden Age. Classists. Racists. White males who hate pronouns. Anyone who doesn’t get it that you can’t have a $10 pack of cotton socks and 80-inch flat screen TVs for $300 without globalization.

And I’m trying to wait out that frightened turmoil with some equanimity. Doing what I can to nudge things along, letting go of tension about things I can’t affect. Happy that individuals have an expiration date, so as the young can move forward.

But it’s tough to maintain equanimity in the face of today’s Supreme Court decision about Affirmative Action in college admissions. It’s certainly good news for white guys whose daddies paid for a new wing on a university library, but not so much for human civilization in general.

God help us if the rich ever acquire the means for immortality.

Here’s to aging and death!

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