BNHP Dragon Dice RPG will be at Gen Con

5″ x 7″ postcard size (125 mm x 175 mm)

SFR, Inc, publishers of the Dragon Dice battle game (designed by yours truly), today received copies of the Bookmark HP Dragon Dice RPG (also by yours truly) from their printer, in time for Gen Con!

As you can see in the photo, to adapt BNHP rules to the unique dice of the tabletop game, I had to use a large postcard size, effectively two bookmarks worth of content side-by-side.

The SFR folks say that they’ll have a special bundle deal at Gen Con, of the RPG with other Dragon Dice products. Further details to follow as I learn more.

And with the Gen Con purchase, I’m including a free code for the print-and-play PDF on DriveThruRPG.

You may be aware that the D6xD6 RPG rules (free here) included a Dragon Dice setting chapter adapting the former to the latter. But this is the first standalone RPG for the world of Esfah, specifically using the full range of dice from that game.

The Dragon Dice battle game was the crowning achievement of my years at TSR, a project into which I poured heart and soul, and I’ve been gratified to see it live and grow over the decades since, in the hands of SFR. Obviously since retirement I’ve also poured heart and soul into my new RPGs; it’s a great feeling to see the original hand-in-hand with the latest of those.

Here’s a big thank you to SFR, Inc. for encouraging the project. It’s much appreciated.

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