If it helps . . .

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Fairly often, I see a post from a friend or fan talking about struggles with depression. Typically saying they’re not looking for sympathy or advice, and not wanting to be a burden.

If that’s you, I don’t want to intrude. But solidarity, right? For what it’s worth, tomorrow I have a counseling consultation myself.

Overall, I’ve had a great 67 years, much of it due to Jennifer’s patience and emotional support. With a stable, loving family, some very close friends, a passionate career, and a better retirement than I could have hoped for.

But there are a couple of emotional threads running through those 67 years that I’m sort of exhausted managing, and which I know sometimes haven’t been easy on those around me.

Why now? Partly it’s that even a workaholic has a few moments to reflect during retirement. Mostly it’s that health insurance is finally making it possible.

The struggle is a little embarrassing to admit. But it’s the truth, and we’re all in this together. Maybe someone will feel less alone having read it.

Or maybe it’s just my own noiseless, patient spider. I can be content with that.

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