Have Pen, Will Travail

Bartolomeo Passarotti, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Thanks for all the well wishes on this whole mental health thing. As to these posts …

Part of me (a big part) is like, “What’s the point? Who the hell wants to hear you whine? What a waste of everyone’s time.”

Another part says, “Wow. A whole lot of friends & acquaintances have gone through this too. It’s encouraging to know you’re far from alone. Maybe it’s encouraging to some of them as well.”

And then there’s the part that says, “Meh. You’re 67 years old & retired. Post whatever the hell you want. It’s not like you’re going to lose a job or something.”

So here I am. A bundle of trepidation, dejection, arrogance, and joy. Make of it what you will. Lord willin’ & the creek don’t rise, I’ll be here tomorrow, wrestling the same questions in this sort of public journal.

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