A Happy Horror Report

I’m always encouraged when a title hits best seller status on DriveThruRPG. But especially so with this adventure anthology, which reached Copper last night and is well on its way to Silver.

Publishing the D13 RPG itself was a bucket-list dream come true. But as a one-man operation with three best-selling RPG lines, caught up in Bookmark HP RPG projects, and with D6xD6 2e in the works, I’ve been hard pressed to devote time to D13 support.

D13 is a hefty RPG compared to its siblings. My hope was that a comparatively hefty adventure book would keep its momentum going. So I’m appreciative of the attention it’s receiving.

Keeping up with all three RPG lines feels sort of like juggling tennis balls with one hand, while juggling a cue ball and a bowling ball with the other.

To everyone dropping coins in the hat to keep the show going, thank you!

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