100,000 Years and Counting

At 50, I got a big motorcycle and a tiny Chihuahua. The bike took me on many adventures, but the Chihuahua changed my life.

I’m not sure why a Chihuahua. Like pretty much everybody, I always thought they’re annoyingly yappy. But I came to realize that I admire their bravery, a spirit far larger than their physicality.

Humans and dogs, I’ve read, have depended on each other for 100,000 years. (Yesterday I saw a photo of an 8,600-year old burial site, the skeleton of a dog buried with its toys.) We’ve clearly affected their evolution, however you want to read that word, which makes me wonder how they may have affected ours.

They’ve certainly affected my own. I’m a kinder, more attentive person in general because of that first little Chihuahua, Dobie, who taught me that an old guy and a little dog could communicate far more clearly than I’d ever imagined. Could look each other in the eyes and see a friend.

I can’t be sure that the little guy in this video is a Chihuahua, but he sure acts like one. And I’m touched by the bond between him and his fellow. The fact that even as the man dodges between the cars, he’s calling for his dog to come to safety. These two instinctively care about each other.

I’m sure that little guy got all kinds of love and praise afterward. He certainly pulled off his part of the ages old human/canine partnership, regardless of his size.

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