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Our youngest daughter, Karalyn, the Seattleite with a career in video, was taken by ambulance to the ER this morning, after a weeklong bout with COVID. The trouble was revealed to be bloodclots in her lungs and left leg. She’s now recovering from emergency surgery, apparently well. But Jenny’s crying because this is the first surgery Karly has gone through without her mom there.

Change of topic: Since childhood, I’ve looked past every bully to the toadies empowering him. Take away those chickenshits, and the bully deflates, unwilling to fight you alone.

Confluence of topics: As a father I’m pissed, because COVID would be less of a problem if not for the ignorant, asshole antivaxxers. Especially the MAGA toadies standing behind Donald Trump. A bully whose political power has cowed the Republican party for a dozen years. I hate a bully, but I utterly loathe their toadies.

(Yeah, this just got political. But we’re in an earthquake of political shakeups this decade, and it’s stupid to pretend we’re not.)

Every bully and mob of toadies also has a crowd of onlookers. People either too afraid to get involved or too entertained. In this case the mass of genuine conservatives who have either caved to the mob for the sake of expediency or back it for financial gain.

An aside: Admittedly, I’ve always had philosophical differences with the Republican party. I don’t think the human race has achieved this level of civilization through a “That’s mine, hands off” attitude. Competition is fine for sports, but I believe that at heart we’re a collaborative species that excels while working together over Nature’s challenges. That’s philosophy. I’ve never despised anyone for a different point of view there.

Well, except for Conservative Evangelical Christians. The tribe from which I come. The “Why does my tax money have to go to food stamps for deadbeats?” gang. The ones who never really noticed that Jesus didn’t tell the rich man, “Donate all your money to a church or a museum,” he said “Give all your money to the poor.” The Christians who sort of gloss over the parable about everyone getting an equal wage. The Christians who oppose collective social support, but never really realized that we all share the same roads.

Again, those social issues are merely philosophical differences I have with conservatives. But don’t tell me you’re Christian and also espouse them.

Back on topic: The whole Republican party has twice now had an opportunity to choose differently in their primaries. And again, they’ve overwhelmingly chosen the bully, because … see my point about toadies and bystanders, above.

I used to admire the caution and discipline of conservatism. But their repeated choice of Donald Trump has left me with little respect for the Republican party. We’ve now walked well past philosophy into ethics, with life and death more pointedly on the line than ever.

So let me pointed to Trump supporters. You’ve chosen not just a team with a different point of view, you’ve joined the ranks of my enemy. (And if you’re in those ranks as a Christian, it’s your inatentiveness to your own instruction manual that pushes me and others toward atheism.)

If this post offends, measure that against a father’s offense at how Trumpism has contributed to his youngest daughter’s health hazard. You’ll understand how little I care about a few bruised egos.

To everyone else: Vote. And speak up in solidarity. The only way to break up a gang of toadies is to push your way through the bystanders and stand behind the bully’s victims.

Quod scripsi, scripsi

One thought on “I got nothing for a title

  • July 10, 2024 at 7:42 pm

    I hope your daughter is okay, Lester.

    I hate how we had a political party that spent a century screaming that socialist governments don’t care about human life. Then in a pandemic, the same government leaders said, almost directly, that it was necessary to sacrifice multitudes of our citizens to ensure the economy stayed strong. The US annual death rate through 2019 was less than 2.8 million per year, and then in the next three years it averaged over 3.2 million and it’s still elevated.

    We’re closing in on two million people sacrificed on the altar of Wall Street, and their high priest might get back in power.

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