D6xD6 RPG Kickstarter Dice Ordered

"I Backed D6xD6 RPG" dice

Popcorn Press made lots of progress on the D6xD6 RPG project over the weekend.

The Dragon Dice setting was completed, the Blood Type setting nearly so, several authors’ drafts arrived, final contracts were sent, backers receiving online playtest sessions were contacted, and we ordered backer dice—including the Kickstarter-exclusive dice above, and more of the fanged smiley promo dice shown below. (Click either image for a close-up view.)

Movin’ right along!

d6xd6.com Smiley Fang dice

A Quick Favor

Werewolf Stereogram

Could you do me (and yourself) a quick favor? Currently there’s a single rating of three stars for Wolf Man’s Curse at DriveThruCards. No comments; no review; just the rating.

What I’m asking is that you visit the Popcorn Press page at DriveThruCards, download the FREE PDF, give it a try, and post your own rating. Comments or a full review would also be appreciated.

(By the way, all the Popcorn Press PDFs are free, so why not give them all a try?)



Photo by BoogaFrito

Arriving – Clashing Blades!

KS Clashing Blades!

Clashing Blades! decks have begun landing on Kickstarter backers’ doorsteps. Ken Whitman supplied the photo above of his decks. (Thanks, Ken!) Note the Kickstarter-exclusive illustration on the upper left deck.

The game is now for sale on DriveThruCards.com, where you can also find a FREE PDF version. Just visit DriveThruCards Clashing Blades! A PDF of the rules, a PDF of the entire deck, and sample card face illustrations can all be found on that page.

Wolf-Man’s Curse

The rules below use a standard poker deck.

For the illustrated print edition visit Lester Smith Games on DriveThruCards.com.

Wolf-Man’s Curse is a card game for 3 to 8 players using a standard poker deck. Each player takes the role of someone bitten by a werewolf, and who transforms into a bloodthirsty beast at each full moon. The goal of the game is to

  1. Avoid being killed by the angry mob of villagers (club cards),
  2. Avoid being hanged by Scotland Yard (spade cards),
  3. Avoid killing innocents (heart cards), and
  4. Get rich in the meantime (diamond cards).

The winner is the wealthiest surviving wolf-man at game’s end.

Preparing to Play

  • Separate the number cards from the face cards and jokers.
  • Shuffle the number cards together.
  • Shuffle the face cards and jokers together.
  • Create a score sheet by writing “clubs,” “spades,” “hearts,” and “diamonds” (in that order) across the top of a piece of paper and listing the players’ names down the left side.

Turn Sequence
Game play is divided into “months” (each a hand of 5 number cards) with 3 full-moon “nights” (each the play of 1 card).
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