Bookmark Dragon Dice: Shirrah’s 1st Adventure!

Young Shirrah’s Dragon Dice types

For a couple of decades now, I’ve been telling SFR, Inc. that a Dragon Dice role-playing game was in the offing. I dipped my toe in the water back in 2014, with a setting chapter in the D6xD6 RPG launch, but I was hoping to expand that further. But too many other projects have gotten in the way, from the bucket-list publication of the D13 RPG, to the accidental creation of the Bookmark HP RPG, which has been outselling its siblings and spontaneously spawning new settings.

BNHP is my first polyhedral RPG design. Dragon Dice was my first polyhedral tabletop game design. The thought occurred that marrying Dragon Dice polyhedrals with BNHP rules could be an exciting project! For the past couple of months now, I’ve been writing drafts, ruminating, getting feedback from a few individual play-testers, and revising. It’s starting to feel cohesive.

Late last night I took an opportunity to solo role-play-test the rules, using the GameMaster’s Apprentice oracle deck with the HandiQuest one-handed story system.

My character concept was “Shirrah,” a young Lava Elf raised by Amazons, and who now set out on the life of a duelist. For the d10 I chose a Centaur, d8 a highland Knoll, d6 a Lava Elf Fusilier, and d4 the only Item I owned,  yellow Speed Slippers. The Knoll I chose because Lava Elves in the Dragon Dice battlefield game are native to mountains, and the Knoll has more ranged weapon faces than melee, which seemed in keeping with my character’s nature. In BNHP fashion, I assigned Brawn d4, Grace d8, Will d6, and Wits d10.

Keep in mind that the only thing that matters in terms of rules mechanics is number of sides and the ID symbol. All the rest of that is purely narrative, as much as a “magic missile” spell in D&D is mechanically just 3 rolls of d4+1 damage.

Onward to the adventure…

GMA and HandiQuest gave a final destination of “Tournament,” so I figured Shirrah was on his way there to make his name as a fencer and pistolier.

The first part of his journey was to a travelers’ inn, and along the way he encountered a wounded traveler and took him along. (In card deck terms, he succeeded at the inn location’s Difficulty rating and had an encounter instead of a combat scene.)

The next day, he traveled to a shipyard, which suggested to me that the tournament was overseas. Someone started following him, ranting that this “wicked lava elf” had come to do evil. Shirrah managed to ditch him in the crowds (i.e. succeeded at his travel roll), but came face to face with a blacksmith wielding an iron bar (i.e. a combat instead of encounter). Shirrah took a blow to the head in the first turn, exhausting his d10 Wits, then switched to his d8 Grace and put paid to the blacksmith over the next two turns. In my mind, he failed to draw on his centaur training (the d10), and fell back on the fencing he’d practiced while alone on that knoll.

The next day, aboard ship, a dense fog settled in. Shirrah had hoped to rest his d10, but the cards said combat, which I took to mean battling a storm that required all hands on deck. A roll of Maximum Success improved his d8 to a major terrain, so I swapped out the minor terrain Knoll die for a major terrain Standing Stones!

After the storm cleared, the ship docked at a land renowned for its vineyards. Shirrah set out for a peaceful stroll, again hoping the restfulness would heal his head, but the cards dealt him a confrontation with “students.” I reasoned that they were fencing students, saw his rapier, and challenged him. Again, he won out after a few turns, but not before wounding his Grace, now reduced to the minor terrain again.

The cards dealt next a volcano. And I reasoned that this would be a site of veneration for a lava elf, perhaps a place of rejuvenation through fire magic. No such luck. I failed the roll, he was burned—the Difficulty was low, so I had rolled that d4 Brawn and exhausted it—but he managed to avoid damage in the resulting stampede of forest creatures fleeing the eruption (the interpretation I put to a combat encounter, based on a few suggested details from a GMA card).

The GMA now dealt “Inn.” Returning to town, he took a room again hoping to rest. The next card was an encounter instead of combat—so far, so good—but a “NO!” result on the card forbade it. I was handed an “ominous warning,” which I took to mean a note slipped under his door, letting him know that a mob was on its way to lynch this unwanted lava elf. Out the window we went.

To get out of town, he would need to slip unnoticed past city guard (GMA “Guard Station”) which he did through grim determination (Will), and finally had an encounter, an “Oasis,” where he managed to recover his d10 Wits.

The next location on his journey was a “Ship,” He bargained his way aboard with a Max Success roll of Wits, swapping that centaur d10 for a d12 dragon! I chose a fire drake die. But once out on the open sea, the ship’s captain tried to chain him to an oar (a “Captive” card)! Three rounds of combat later, with both sides rolling Fails, the captain was defeated, with Shirrah still barely on his feet with two Attributes and his good name exhausted. All that remained to him was his Will and Grace.

A now more experienced Shirrah

Shirrah jumped ship near a cave, hoping to avoid pursuit, with a Maximum Success, raising that d6 from the small Fusilier die to the medium Dead Shot die! Further, he was able to rest near a subterranean waterfall, which given his people’s nature of Fire and Earth, I translated as hot springs, and restored his Wits d10.

Next up, “Asylum,” which suggested to me an underground city of Lava Elves, but the card’s Difficulty was 8! Shirrah failed, was wounded back to the Fusilier die, and failed as well to hide out at court. “No rest for the wicked,” apparently in this case meaning his race’s evil reputation dogging him.

His penultimate location read “Farm,” where he was again refused succor, i.e. failed the travel roll and wounded his d12 Wits back to d10. But the resulting encounter took him to a mausoleum and blissful rest, perhaps drawing upon the death magic side of his Lava Elf nature. I chose to recover that Wits d12.

And at last his journey’s goal, the arena! Shirrah was still pretty banged up: Brawn exhausted, Grace small d8, Will small d6, Wits d12, good name exhausted.

I won’t go through the resulting combat turn-by-turn, but here are the salient details. (a) The GMA dealt me an “unknown creature,” so I figured Shirrah had no insights into its weakness, and I assigned it a defense of 5 to start, and a d10 combat ability; (b) I rolled poorly a few times before scoring a success, at which point I dropped its defense to 4—purely a role-play judgment call; (c ) Shirrah’s defense was the 4 that BNHP suggests for humans; and (d) In the end he failed to best it, while the creature was a full 3 fails away from defeat itself.

Concluding thoughts:

  • The game plays significantly differently from its parent, the Bookmark HP RPG. The main difference being that once you’ve assigned dice to a character’s Attribute, they stay that way, changing only in size, which means the same odds but added resiliency.
  • Dragon Dice icons add a lot of role-playing flavor even though they have no mechanical difference. Same with the die types: Choice of Item, Unit, Terrain, and Monster suggest much of a character’s backstory and personality.
  • The foe ranking system needs some adjustment. Right now it’s a bit too difficult. I have two different approaches to try out before locking that down.
  • The d6 and d10 each add a different mechanical touch to the game, with the d6 affecting defense Difficulty, and the d10’s ability to raise to d12.
  • I’m adding something special for the d4 and d8, so there’s a significant reason for using them all from time to time.

And I think it’s evident that I had a blast playing this character. GMA always does a great job as an oracle, and HandiQuest adds a great system for stringing locations and events into a unified story. And most importantly in this case, I think the Dragon Dice themselves prove to suit Bookmark HP role-play very nicely.

I look forward to playing Shirrah again, once he’s out of the arena’s infirmary!

Kindle Fire RPG Adventure Contest

Through an ordering error on my part, I’m in possession of an unneeded, Woot refurbished, 16 GB, red Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet (7th gen). The OS is fresh, ready for connection to a new owner’s Amazon account, but I’ve preloaded the tablet with PDFs of every published Lester Smith Games RPG title: D13, D6xD6, D6xD6 Dungeons, and Bookmark No HP RPGs, plus all their supplements.

I don’t need the tablet. What I do need is adventures for those role-playing games.

So I propose a trade.

A trial by contest. Send me a publishable 1,000-word adventure (or longer) by 30 April (2023), and I’ll choose one as winner of this Kindle Fire with the complete LSG RPG library of PDFs. All other publishable adventures will receive the same PDF library, sans Kindle Fire.

By “publishable,” I mean that if in my judgment I can edit into shape, and it hasn’t been published elsewhere, it’ll count.

In return for the prizes, I’m asking for all rights to publish the adventure online and/or in a compilation, with your name in the credits.

That’s all there is to it. Please knock my socks off. Thanks!

“Make 100” 2023 – Limited Edition Bookmarks

As you’ll see in the sidebar, I’ve launched a Kickstarter project to make a limited-edition set of Bookmark HP RPG bookmarks, hole-punched for a ribbon or chain. At the moment, it’s been live for about 10 hours and is 71% funded, with 53 of the 100 sets pledged.

As with most things nowadays, I launched it on a whim. Which I have to admit is a refreshing situation after all the years of killer deadlines. Focal seizure management now means going with the flow, chasing squirrels, being able to drop things to help with work around the farm.

Our House on Rupert Court, and Other Horrors,
on DriveThruRPG
“Make 100” is an annual Kickstarter promotion in January, and I barely got this project in under the wire, not having planned one at all. But in the afterglow of having recently completed a D13 RPG adventure anthology, I found myself mulling promotional “Make 100” emails that have come in over the month. These short little KS projects are low-stress and fun, another opportunity to interact with the tabletop hobby community from out here in the boonies. It’s how the premium edition of the original D13 RPG came about, for example.

Speaking of that D13 adventure anthology, it’s a collection of three unforgiving 10-page adventures: “Our House on Rupert Court,” in a 1950’s suburban community; “Ice Road Terror,” involving the early history of the Canadian Ice Road phenomenon; and “Ghan in the Night,” a luxury train trip through the Australian Outback.

Next up, a sword and sorcery sourcebookmark for the BNHP line, in time for Gary Con. Followed by a space opera setting, and then a mini-deck of 21 adventure cards for all the BNHP settings.

That’s a summation of the first few months’ plan for 2023. I’m having fun. Here’s hoping you are too!

Role-Playing Dracula’s Kids sans GM

Today the Cut Up Solo Dracula/Dracula’s Get bundle went live (undead?) on DriveThruRPG.

So what is Cut Up Solo Dracula? Published by Parts Per Million, it’s Stoker’s novel cut up into 5-word snippets in a programmed spreadsheet. Every time you hit F9, the spreadsheet delivers a set of random snippets as a prompt to your imagination.

And what is Dracula’s Get? It’s a role-play distillation of Dracula’s actual abilities and weaknesses as depicted Stoker’s novel. A “sourcebookmark” for the Bookmark HP RPG. (My first sourcebookmark, in fact, so that I could port Petit Louis from D6xD6‘s “Fear the Light” setting. I love playing vampires.)

The word “solo” doesn’t quite do justice to PPM’s Cut Up Solo selections. “GM-less” is a more accurate (though less punchy) term, because this style of play is even richer with a group riffing off one another from the prompts!

As you can tell, I’m quite excited about this pairing. It’s a quick, flavorful way to hunt or play vampires with Stoker’s own words. Now at a discount!