My Gary Con 2024 Events Are Go!

As of today, the five events I submitted to run at Gary Con are officially scheduled! (I’m very happy to see that all are slated for the same table in the same room—GWD-261 in Galewood D—which makes one less thing for me to remember, letting me focus on the fun!)

One note: I’ve intentionally designed Lester Smith Games RPGs for “Show up at the table and we’ll design a character in the first few minutes.” To my mind, character design is part of role-play, players better connect with someone they make, and my character rules are easy enough to do that quickly. The rest of the rules come up naturally during play; over the decades I’ve developed a strategy for jumping right in and learning as we go. And I love gaming with new players and old alike.

(I’ve no D13 RGP events slated this year, but I’ll bring a few of limited premium edition for just in case. And I’m slated to play in a celeb AD&D game Friday night. More news about that soon, I hope.)

Here’s my event schedule, should you wish to sign up for one when registration opens.

Bookmark the Stars: First Contact on Fumalsamakah

Thursday from 13:00 to 16:50

A subspace broadcast is detected from the unsurveyed Beta Piscium system, thought to be uninhabited. Yours is the nearest vessel, making this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fame. What mysteries await you near this backwater star?

This expansion of the Bookmark HP RPG is as heavily influenced by the Lensman series and C. J. Cherryh’s Pride of Chanur novels as by Star Trek, so truly alien characters are welcome.

Bookmark Cthulhu: The Gibbering Nightmare

Friday from 12:00 to 15:50

The halls of Arkham Sanitarium are awash with mindless gibbering, and its wards are growing overfilled with new patients each morning. Can you uncover the reasons for this outbreak of madness and bring it to an end?

Not your father’s Lovecraftian setting, Bookmark Cthulhu builds on dread instead of insanity, which I figure is more in keeping with Lovecraft’s actual work. (No insult intended to other RPGs.)

Ghost of a Chance: An Undying Will

Saturday from 12:00 to 15:50

On your deathbed, you revised your will. On the way to file it, your executor was killed. Now a deadbeat relative stands to inherit! Will you exert your will to assert your Will from beyond the grave?

Using the as-yet-unpublished D6xD6 2e Zine Edition! (A February KS “Zine Quest” project. More news about that in a blog post soon.)

Fairytale Fubar: Ghost Wolves of Grimwald

Sunday from 12:00 to 13:50

Queen Goffin has received no emissary with tribute from Duke Grimwald this year. Will you enter Grimwald Forest to discover why? More importantly, will you return as her Champion, her Fool, or not at all?

An experiment with using the Fairytale Fubar card game rules as a three-act role-playing adventure!

Bookmark Supers: Save Our Safes!

Sunday from 14:00 to 16:50

Businesses in Belleview City are being robbed, their doors smashed and safes removed. When the police receive a prediction from your old nemesis Forsyte, they ask for your help. Can you trust Forsyte’s tip?

Last year’s Bookmark Supers! introduced Forsyte, a supervillain who can predict the future and  react to your actions before you act. Just what is she up to this time around?

Racing Thanatos

Photo by Prometheus ? on Unsplash

Slooowly recovering from this intestinal flu bug. Sleeping most of the time. It’s taking a toll on my limbic system. Which is to say that inactivity triggers my clinical depression.

Not complainin’; just reportin’.

Meanwhile, the bookmarks continue to do well. The Bookmark Dragon Dice RPG has become a DriveThruRPG Copper Best Seller (which means the entire dozen bookmark titles are now best-sellers), and the Paranormal Wordbookmark has risen to Silver!

Next on my agenda:

  • Finish the 21-card adventure deck for previous Kickstarter backers.
  • Turn Battle Bookmark notes into text for play-test.
  • Take another trimming pass through D6xD6 e2 to get it down to 48 pages in time for February’s KS Zine Quest.
  • Turn notes for Ann Christy‘s Neverending End of the World novel into a bookmark RPG. (I asked, because it’s a wonderful novel. And I love her handling of language as much as LeGuin’s.)
  • Build a D6xD6 player’s mini-deck for use with the GameMaster’s Apprentice and HandiQuest pack.
  • Do the same for D13—which also means formalizing a way of using GMA as tarot or poker cards.
  • Somewhere in the midst of all that, record a pair of video demos of playing D&D modules with D6xD6 and Bookmark HP RPGs.
  • And then recheck my list of future projects. Especially things I’ve promised.

(There’s construction & maintenance work to be tinkered with around the homestead, too. I never forget, Jennifer.)

How’s that for a footrace, Grim Reaper?

A Happy Horror Report

I’m always encouraged when a title hits best seller status on DriveThruRPG. But especially so with this adventure anthology, which reached Copper last night and is well on its way to Silver.

Publishing the D13 RPG itself was a bucket-list dream come true. But as a one-man operation with three best-selling RPG lines, caught up in Bookmark HP RPG projects, and with D6xD6 2e in the works, I’ve been hard pressed to devote time to D13 support.

D13 is a hefty RPG compared to its siblings. My hope was that a comparatively hefty adventure book would keep its momentum going. So I’m appreciative of the attention it’s receiving.

Keeping up with all three RPG lines feels sort of like juggling tennis balls with one hand, while juggling a cue ball and a bowling ball with the other.

To everyone dropping coins in the hat to keep the show going, thank you!

D13 Premium Limited Edition Clearance Sale

My Office Copy

I’m cleaning and reorganizing my stockroom (aka study closet) and have a number of unclaimed D13 RPG Premium Limited Edition’s to sell. Try as I might, I’ve been unable to contact the original backers, and after three years now, it’s time to let them go.

These are premium Smythe-sewn hardbounds, printed by Jostens, with top quality color and paper, unique endpapers, and an autographed illustrated bookplate.

The edition will never be reprinted, so it’s a collector’s item.

The books fall into three categories:

  • Foil Printed Name: 4 of these remaining, each with an original backer’s name. I’d like to give them free to players with a limited income. If that’s you or someone you know, message me.
  • Foil Numbered: 4 of these remaining, from a limited run of 100. $25 each, plus shipping. Each comes with two 50-cent DriveThruRPG coupons, one for the D13 PDF, and one for the Our House on Rupert Court, and Other Horrors adventure anthology.
  • Unnumbered: 16 of these remaining. Though technically not “limited edition,” these premium copies will almost certainly never be reprinted. $15 each, plus shipping.

The softcover edition on DriveThruRPG is $25, so these premium hardcovers (normally $40) are a steal, and just in time for Halloween!

Message me via my Contact Form to acquire one.