BNHP 20 Cent Sale

Hey! If you’re curious about this Bookmark HP RPG I keep going on about, click here to find every BNHP title on sale for 20¢ each, from now through New Years Day 2024:

For print copies, check out the Compleate Bookmark bundle, always 60% off!

D13 Premium Limited Edition Clearance Sale

My Office Copy

I’m cleaning and reorganizing my stockroom (aka study closet) and have a number of unclaimed D13 RPG Premium Limited Edition’s to sell. Try as I might, I’ve been unable to contact the original backers, and after three years now, it’s time to let them go.

These are premium Smythe-sewn hardbounds, printed by Jostens, with top quality color and paper, unique endpapers, and an autographed illustrated bookplate.

The edition will never be reprinted, so it’s a collector’s item.

The books fall into three categories:

  • Foil Printed Name: 4 of these remaining, each with an original backer’s name. I’d like to give them free to players with a limited income. If that’s you or someone you know, message me.
  • Foil Numbered: 4 of these remaining, from a limited run of 100. $25 each, plus shipping. Each comes with two 50-cent DriveThruRPG coupons, one for the D13 PDF, and one for the Our House on Rupert Court, and Other Horrors adventure anthology.
  • Unnumbered: 16 of these remaining. Though technically not “limited edition,” these premium copies will almost certainly never be reprinted. $15 each, plus shipping.

The softcover edition on DriveThruRPG is $25, so these premium hardcovers (normally $40) are a steal, and just in time for Halloween!

Message me via my Contact Form to acquire one.