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Elevator Pitch

“Where there is no imagination there is no horror.”
—Arthur Conan Doyle

Horror maims and kills.

That makes the genre a tough beast to tame for any role-playing game. And once tamed, it isn’t horror any longer.

Other genres—fantasy, sci-fi, westerns, modern combat, and such—are about characters who go seeking adventure. It’s only natural that their lives are a string of such escapades.

But horror stories involve innocents caught up in peril they never sought out. Even if they survive, they’ll be scarred physically or psychologically.

This game of “grim horror across time and space” depicts just that, in an episodic fashion like an anthology or TV series. With it you can play any horror plot you have ever read, seen on film, or yourself imagined.

Within the pages you’ll find a “One Roll to Rule Them All” system, using a unique “dl3” mechanic for actions, and tarot cards to represent the dangerous, unwieldy nature of paranormal abilities.

Horror maims and kills. Are you ready to face it?

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