The D6xD6 RPG is a quick-and-easy system for running role-playing games.

Players can create literally any type of character, within about 5 minutes, based on a unique dice mechanic and a single attribute—Focus rating.

Character’s abilities reflect their occupation, which added with secondary skills become the character’s Focus number. Very focused characters are excellent at what they know; less focused characters have a wider range, even when attempting untrained skills.

The game is great for one-off adventures, but it has more depth than first meets the eye and can also support long-term campaign play.

The D6xD6 RPG can handle absolutely any sort of genre: You’ll find 5 sample settings, with adventures, on the www.d6xd6.com website—which is itself the core game rules.

So don’t just take my word for it, visit www.d6xd6.com and see for yourself!