Lester Smith Games

Lester Smith Games is a one-man publishing hobby project by a technically retired game designer.

Because bucket list.

Featured projects include:

  • D6xD6 RPG—a DriveThruRPG best-seller. Click the title for the free rules site.
  • D6xD6 Dungeons—a fantasy offshoot of the D6xD6 RPG rules. Currently in production.
  • A collection of themed poker deck games—including the Clashing Blades fencing duel and Creatures and Cards dungeon crawl.
  • D13 RPG—a dice and tarot cards system for deadly horror adventures across time and space. Currently in production.

For more info, check the Shop tab above. And don’t forget to visit the freebies page under this Games tab!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people have fun.


2 thoughts on “Lester Smith Games

  • September 22, 2019 at 8:47 am

    Thanks for that link. Beautiful “concept car.”

    The iconoclast in me, the part that’s most responsible for Dark Conspiracy, hates everything about that vehicle:

    * Its immoderate luxury in a world where children starve;
    * Its impracticality—what, maybe 5cm ground clearance on those wheels; silk seats to stain or rip; and how long is that hand-woven white carpet going to remain pristine?
    * The fact that its luggage seems a poorly conceived afterthought—in a car you can stand to enter, why do you need to bend to pull out a suitcase; where’s the ramp? Okay, a servant’s going to do it, so why is the luggage so small? Why so much wasted space in that compartment. Let the servant haul out some big-ass luggage to carry all seven outfits you’ll need to go through today.

    Okay, given, the umbrellas are a clever, practical touch.

    On a different topic, those palmtop computers in Dark Conspiracy reveal our complete inability to conceive of touchscreens and laser-projected keyboards—or even voice typing. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t grow up with Star Trek’s “Computer. Calculate the distance to Beta Centauri.” :-/

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