Big Trouble in Little Canton



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Nothing ever happens in Ohio. Nothin?g good anyway. But the Big Bad Stuff? Happens. Every. Day. Tear out the Dark Heart of It All. 

Strange things skulk the night in Canton, Ohio. A faith healer who carries a knife. A biker who heads a gang called The Four Horsemen and makes explosives in his spare time. A supernatural entity of unknown origin, returning to the mortal plane after decades of imprisonment. A shape-shifter whose preferred method of transport is flying aloft on monstrous wings. A man so unnaturally strong he tears apart a police car like he’s snapping into a Slim Jim.

And those are the good guys.

Big Trouble in Little Canton is a serialized fiction project, delivered to you ten times a year for at least two years in electronic format, and readable on your computer, Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other device. It’s a supernatural story, set in northeast Ohio, grounded firmly in that landscape if not in reality.

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