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From Origins award winning designer Lester Smith, with former Dragon Magazine editor Dale A. Donovan—and 21 contributing authors—comes an innovative one-stat role-playing game featuring:

  • Five-minute character creation.
  • Quick-and-easy tactical combat rules.
  • Endless setting possibilities

The D6xD6 role-playing game is centered on a single stat, Focus. The more skills you choose, the higher your character’s Focus number. Choose just a few skills, and your character is very focused. Choose many, and your character becomes a jack-of-all-trades.

Task rolls are 1d6 x 1d6. Roll high for things you know well; low for things you don’t. That single roll serves as both level of success and turn order, making combat quick and easy.

New settings are continually being added—based on the licensed worlds of popular authors. And the game is easily adaptable to whatever genre you please.

Softbound Core Rules

The 72-page core rules book contains all the game rules, plus five sample settings, each of which adds a new layer of character abilities specific to that world:

  • L’Académie des Arcanes: “In a modern world secretly threatened by fée magic, one nation dares to guard the doorway between realms and police the supernatural. Do you have what it takes to join them?” Includes formulas for designing your own magic spells.
  • Blood Type: “When a biotech company’s virus reaches the general populace, horrific results ensue, based on each person’s blood type.” Includes rules for enhanced strength, speed, and senses, based on blood type, and at the cost of blood frenzy.
  • Ghost of a Chance: “Adventure as the spirits of people who have died before their appointed time.” Includes ghostly powers, and ghostly frailties.
  • The World of Esfah: Play characters in the war-torn high fantasy world of the Origins-award-winning Dragon Dice game, with options to use actual Dragon Dice.
  • The World of Zero: In the telepathically linked underground hive of Queen Zero, free thinking cannot be tolerated, which makes your character a target for termination.

Hardbound Expanded Edition

The 200-page expanded edition contains all the best-selling core game rules and settings (L’Académie des Arcanes, Blood Type, The World of Esfah, Ghost of a Chance, and The World of Zero), plus 21 additional settings from a range of genres, including the worlds of popular fantasy, sci-fi, and horror novelists:

  • The World of The Ancient: Seven ancient demons in New Jersey —Matthew Bryan Laube
  • The World of Athena Voltaire: Globetrotting pulp adventure —Steve Bryant
  • Baker Street Irregulars: Mystery in the age of Sherlock Holmes —J. Robert King
  • The World of Big Trouble in Little Canton: Dark deeds in Ohio —Jason Daniel Myers
  • The Code Breakers Series: High-action cyberpunk adventure —Colin F. Barnes
  • A Cowboy on Mars: In the vein of Burroughs’ John Carter —Steve Winter
  • The World of Critical Dawn: Near-future alien invasion —Darren Wearmouth & Colin F. Barnes
  • The World of Dark Angel: An urban fantasy of angels & demons —Hanna Peach
  • Dark Fagara—Age of the Orc: A world conquered by orcs, goblins, trolls, and their ilk —John F. Watson
  • The World of Eolan: A dystopic future ruled by The Temple —Jason Huls
  • The World of Fear the Light: In which you play spawn of Dracula —William Massa
  • The World of Gargoyle Knight: Heroes by day; gargoyles by night —William Massa
  • The Jessie Shimmer Series: Modern magic from the popular novels —Lucy A. Snyder
  • Khitus—Dragon Kings: A fantasy world deserted by its gods —Timothy Brown
  • The World of Peter and the Monsters: Based on the popular children’s tales —Darren Pillsbury
  • The World of the Psionic Pentalogy: A modern world of psychic war —Adrian Howell
  • The World of Seventh Crown: A world shaped by magical Crowns of Leadership —Bryan Steele
  • The World of Shotguns & Sorcery: A world of noir fantasy —Matt Forbeck
  • Empires of Steam & Rust: Steampunk in colliding dimensions —Stephen D. Sullivan & Robert E. Vardeman
  • The World of the Touchstone: Dimension-spanning sci-fi adventure —Andrea K. Höst
  • The World of the Watershed: A fresh take on the origins of magic —Douglas Niles

Each setting adds a new layer of character abilities specific to that world. Or you can mix and match to create settings of your own!

For a draft of the core rules, a set of five sample settings, and further information about the additional 21 worlds (including links to free fiction ebooks), visit www.d6xd6.com.

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