Fragmented Man


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Master B. H. Wasmund, PhD, MaDSc., is a 7th-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Head Instructor of his own studio in Burlington, Wisconsin. From 1979 to 2000, he served as Secretary/General of the American KyuKi Do Federation, Editor-in-Chief of the AKF Newsletter, AKF Regional Director for Wisconsin, Head Flow Coordinator for all AKF Tournaments, and Announcer for all AKF events. He is co-author of KyuKi Do, the official AKF Training Manual, and author of the AKF Guidebook for Instructors and Dead Frogs Don’t Jump, Conversations with the Master.

Master Wasmund began his own training in 1974 and started teaching as a Red Belt in 1976, opening his studio in 1979. So far he has guided 164 students to Black Belt, using conversations, analogies, and stories to present martial arts philosophy, just as Grand Master Ok Hyung Kim and Master Royal J. West guided him during his early years as a Black Belt.

In Fragmented Man are gathered 28 such conversations and fables, treating subjects from daily life as well as martial arts training. Discipline, forgiveness, self-reliance, interconnectedness, destiny, and exploration can all be found here. Taken as a whole or individually, these stories provide rich soil for personal growth.

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