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A monstrous competition for two or more players 

The Original Monster Con!—Game 1 in the series

Desiré Delamort—star of the latest blockbuster horror film—is Guest of Honor at Monster Con. But she doesn’t know that she’s also the Vampire’s intended bride, the Werewolf’s destined mate, the Mummy’s reincarnated love, and Frankenstein Monster’s hope of tenderness. Each creature is lurking among the convention’s costumed attendees, in hopes of capturing her. Can they get the girl without giving themselves away and arousing an angry mob of horror fans? Who will she go home with in the end?

The Monster Con game contains suits for four different monsters—enough for up to four players. Add suits for monsters from other decks in the series, and you can play with as many as sixteen players! Each title also contains a pair of non-suited cards—from “Sleeping in the Movie Room” (The Original Monster Con) to “Necronomicon” (Monster Con Cthulhu Pack)—to add their own twists to play.

Return of Monster Con!—Game 2 in the series

Our “Scream Queen” is now the Alien Changeling’s intended replacement, the Amorphous Blob’s desired appetizer, the Invisible Man’s obsession, and Swampy’s forbidden love.

Son of Monster Con!—Game 3 in the series

Our hapless heroine is also also the Bride of Frankenstein’s rival, theGhost of Room 13’s haunting target, the Phantom of the Opera’s love interest, and the Undertaker’s deadly fascination.

Monster Con Cthulhu Pack!—Game 4 in the series

Monster Con goes to Arkham, where our Horror Movie star becomes the Cthulhu Cultist’s intended sacrifice, the Innsmouth Cousin’s cousin, Nyarlathotep’s destined queen of madness, and the next portrait model for Pickman’s Apprentice.

Special Thanks!

Illustration of the Monster Con series was made possible by these Kickstarter backers.

All Lester Smith Games decks come in a plastic band, unboxed, with rules cards included.

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The Original Monster Con, Return of Monster Con, Son of Monster Con, Monster Con Cthulhu Pack


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