Superpower Smackdown!


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The Superpower Smackdown! game embodies the brawl of 2 (or more) superheroes, using 5 different superpowers: Strength, Speed, Mutant, Mind, and Gear. Each superhero is strongest in one of those abilities, and weaker in the rest. As they battle, characters lose dice until one hero stands victorious!

Each Superpower Smackdown! PDF represents 1 of the 5 hero types and contains the full rules of the game on an 8.5″ x 11″ page.

To play, you will also need 5 dice of different colors.

Game Design: Lester Smith; Development: Cliff Wiggs; Illustrations: Jim Rayborn & Peter Saga; Symbols: Jim Rayborn; Project Evangelist: Chris Reed; Playtesting: Peter Ambutas, Shawn Arnold, Andrew Banlow, Jody Browder, Dale Donovan, Michael Dotson, Ryan Everaert, Ralph Faraday, Randy Fischer, Bob Iliff, Mikel Kene, Eugene Kenney, Ian Kindel, Lya Laborge, Joshua Leone, Lee Mickael, Amanda Miller, Tyler O’Boylan, Pierson Payne, Andrew Phelps, Brad Pontani, David Racer, Scott Racer, Todd Rafferty, Conrad Ross, Jason Ryan, Derek Sanft, Meri Shipman, K8 Smith, Beau Stangeland, James Thorpe, Leon Totten, Chris Waits, Ken Williams. 

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Superhero Type!

Strength Hero! PDF, Speed Hero! PDF, Mutant Hero! PDF, Mind Hero! PDF, Gear Hero! PDF, All 5 PDFs!


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