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A tragic lycanthropy game for 3-8 players 

Victorian England is a great place to live—if you’re wealthy, and if you’re not a werewolf. Unfortunately your own family estate has been tapped out, and you’ve been bitten by a wolf with a gypsy curse. Can you restore your family fortune without slaughtering the local peasantry? Or will you be killed by a vengeful mob or hanged by Scotland Yard?

Wolf Man’s Curse! is a competitive card game for 3-8 players. Each seeks to gain money (Coin cards) while avoiding angry villagers (Mob cards), dodging the police (Scotland Yard cards), minimizing victims (Innocents cards). They also want to avoid being targeted by a Silver Bullet card.

Each hand represents one month of three full-moon nights. The game continues until the Fiancée card is scored. If a wolf man has both the Fiancée and a Silver Bullet, he dies. Next, the wolf man with the most Mob points is lynched. After that, the wolf man with the most Scotland Yard points is hanged—unless he has slain no Innocents. Among the surviving wolf men, the one with the most Coin wins the game!

Sample Wolf Man's Curse cards

Wolf Man’s Curse! is the second in a series of card games by multiple Origins-award-winning designer Lester Smith.

Special Thanks! Illustration of Wolf Man’s Curse! was made possible by these Kickstarter backers.

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