TSR staff photo, circa 1993
My publishing career got its start in 1984, when Space Gamer magazine published my four-paragraph “capsule review” of Wizard’s Realm, then bought rights to my Mind Duel board game. 1985 involved part-time work for Game Designers Workshop. From 1986 until “retirement” in 2018, I worked full-time as a writer, editor, sometimes proofreader, and even occasional Spanish translator. In 1999 I added Popcorn Press as a part-time hobby, to publish mainly other writers and poets. And in retirement I’ve continued writing, editing, and publishing for the love of it.

That many years in publishing have, of course, generated a lot of titles. You’ll find most of them listed as growing lists under the “Bio” tab of the menu. This “Publications” tab provides some sample poetry and a bit more info about individual titles. I invite you to visit my Patreon project pages for fiction and games as well.