Literature/Education Credits

Educational Books

(Most of my work in these titles has involved chapters on poetry, research papers, Web technology, and multimedia.)

  • Write Source textbook line—contributing writer for levels 3-12
  • ALL Write handbook—contributing writer
  • Writers Express handbook—contributing writer
  • Write Ahead handbook—contributing writer
  • Writers INC handbook—contributing writer
  • School to Work handbook—contributing writer
  • Write for College handbook—contributing writer
  • Write Source 2000 handbook—contributing writer

Poetry Books

  • Zen Rampage—84-page collection, fall 2006
  • Would You Dance?—36-page collection, fall 2005

Individual Poems

  • “Sudden Death”—in Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes
  • “Git Along, You Zombies”—in Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes
  • “Sparrow”—in Anthills #5
  • “Nocturne”—in Lilith Unbound, summer 2008
  • “beside the clock tower”—in Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar 2009
  • “Brain Food”—in Free Verse #92, 2007
  • “Apéritif”—in Free Verse #92, 2007
  • “Would You Dance?”—in Free Verse #92, 2007
  • “The Fall of Ice-Reach Castle”—in Dragons of the Highlord Skies, July 2007
  • “Laundry Day”—in WFOP Museletter, fall 2007
  • “Local Legend”—in Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms, spring 2007
  • “Anything of any value”—in Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms, spring 2007
  • “Our Lady Captain’s Tale”—in Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms, spring 2007
  • “X O X O X”—in Wisconsin Academy Review, spring 2006

Poetry Awards

  • 2007 WFOP Triad Contest—Poet’s Choice: 1st honorable mention for “Tea Service”
  • 2004 WFOP Triad Contest—Theme, Sonnet: 1st place for “The Smith’s Sonnet”
  • 2004 WFOP Triad Contest— Kay Saunders Memorial New Poet Award: 3rd place for “Breaking Horses”

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  • December 29, 2008 at 9:49 am

    What an impressive and admirable career.

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