Role-Playing Games

I’ve been designing RPGs since 1986—from 2300 AD to the D13 RPG, from Dark Conspiracy to D6xD6 and in between. This page gives a brief overview of those various games.

Self Published

Most of my design work in tabletop gaming has involved role-playing games. And most of that has been “work for hire.” The two most recent are my own copyright, however. I’d appreciate your giving them a look-see.


Designed for adventures throughout time and space, the D13 RPG allows game masters to truly terrorize, maim, and even kill player characters, without killing campaign continuity.

Besides the unique “d13” mechanic for skills, the game employs tarot cards for paranormal abilities, and a spirit board for combat tracking.

Visit to learn more.

D6xD6 RPG coverD6xD6 RPG

The D6xD6 RPG is a one-stat multi-genre game. Character creation takes about five minutes but is truly open-ended. The full rules are covered in roughly 20 pages but include a solid combat system.

It is a best-seller on DriveThruRPG and has been called the “haiku” of role-playing games.

The game was launched with settings based on the works of about two dozen novelists, and new settings are being added regularly.

You’ll find the free core rules at, along with several sample settings.

Previous RPG Design

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