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What it is …

The Bookmark HP RPG is a universal role-playing system based on three basic ideas:

  1. We’re all familiar with ranking things 1-10;
  2. That’s how many dice you’ll roll for an action; and
  3. The better your ability, the bigger the polyhedral dice type, from d4 to d20.

If an action seems a “piece of cake,” roll 1 die. If it seems almost impossible, roll 10. Picking a simple lock might be a 2 or 3, while opening a bank vault might be a 7 or 8. You decide.

Why the weird title?

The game originated as a weekend challenge to design a role-playing game that tracks damage without “Hit Points” (HP), and I ended up fitting it on a bookmark. The resultant title amuses me, and as a one-person publishing company, I have no Marketing Department to complain about it.

So, it’s rules lite?

No. The term “lite” is for watery beer and lax game rules.

The Bookmark HP RPG is “rules concise” and “precise.” Under the hood is a dependable odds-based system. And like my D13 and D6xD6 RPGs, it uses a “One Roll to Rule Them All”™ approach to manage success and effects of an action with a single roll. It also handles character improvement without “Experience Points” (XP) and the debilitating effect of wounds inherently.

It’s easy to learn, but robust enough to handle long-term play. (I was as surprised as anyone to discover how well it managed even a year-long campaign.)

Give it a try.

I’ve been designing games since 1985, lately with the aim of being as friendly to neophytes as tactically satisfying to old hands.

The Bookmark HP RPG lets you design your own unique character in literally 1 or 2 minutes, making it perfect for pick-up games at conventions. And so portable you can carry the bookmark in a book or purse, the playing card edition in a wallet or pocket. Or add it to an oracle deck for portable “GM”-less group or solo play.

It’s been called, “An epiphany of game design,” and “Game design at its most daring!’ 

It’s the price of a latte. And lasts so much longer. You won’t regret the purchase!

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