Find my games at the following shops, each serving a somewhat different purpose:

  • Lulu: Ships from print facilities near you, for local postage and little or no duty fees.
  • DriveThruRPG: A complete catalog of my PDF titles, plus print products not yet on Lulu.
  • DriveThruCards: A complete catalog of my card games, in print and PDF.
  • Unique Items (here only):
    • Bookmark HP RPG bookmarks and character cards;
    • D13 RPG limited-edition premium hardbounds;
    • D6xD6 doubledice and Biz Card Character Sheets;
    • Pharmacology Roulette and Fairytale Fubar biz card games;
    • Three Stooges Card Game limited edition; plus
    • The Pastime Machine: A Literary Turducken sonnet novel.

Thank you for supporting my bucket-list titles.

— Les