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Bookmark No HP RPG 5-Pack

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Contents: 5 Bookmark HP RPG Rulebookmarks (enough for your whole gaming group!)

You may be thinking, “Oh, another lite RPG. It must be really lite to fit on a bookmark.”

This isn’t that. It’s a distillation of 37 years of professional game design and 5 Origins awards. Easy on the surface—just four stats and a 1-10 scale. Mechanically precise below.

In this polyhedral “One Roll to Rule Them All™“ system, each action is a single dice roll that captures success or failure, degree, and character growth—all without HP or XP. Hence the ridiculous name.

One reviewer called it, “An epiphany of game design,” and another “Game design at its most daring!’

I believe you’ll find it’s like no rules lite system you’ve ever seen before.


Lester Smith

(See the expanding family of Bookmark HP RPG sourcebookmarks on DriveThruRPG.)

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