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These limited-edition books and dice, bookmark and biz card games, and character cards and bookmarks are not available elsewhere. The premium D13 RPG books and D6xD6 Doubledice will never be reprinted, so now’s your chance!

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Bookmark No HP RPG 5-Pack

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Contents: 5 Bookmark No HP RPG Rulebookmarks (enough for your whole gaming group!)

From Origins award winning designer Lester Smith, creator of the Dragon Dice game, D6xD6 RPG, D13 RPG, and more, with former Dragon Magazine editor Dale A. Donovan.

A unique, universal-genre role-playing game that fits on a bookmark!

Don’t let its small size fool you! This “One Roll to Rule Them All™” polyhedral dice system is robust, using a simple 1-10 scale for action difficulty, and combining success, damage, and character improvement in a single action roll!

With character design in literally a minute, it’s great for introducing new players to the hobby. Just choose a name, invent an occupation, rate four stats, and you’re ready to go!

And while perfect for one-shots and convention pick-up play, it can also support mini-campaigns of a half-dozen adventures or more with the same characters.

Yes, that’s a lot to claim for an RPG on a bookmark, but the designer is known around the world for unique approaches to odds-based dice mechanics.

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