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Bookmark No HP RPG Wirebound Notebook

SKU 00002
In stock
Product Details

Contents: 80-page wirebound notebook with Bookmark No HP RPG rules on the cover

From Origins award winning designer Lester Smith, creator of the Dragon Dice game, D6xD6 RPG, D13 RPG, and more, the Bookmark No HP RPG is a rules lite concise, any genre role-playing game that fits on a bookmark! Its “One Roll to Rule Them All™” system is fine-tuned to use polyhedral dice with a simple 1-10 scale for action difficulty — combining success, damage, and character improvement in a single roll!

This wirebound notebook and a set of polyhedral dice are all you need to play any character you can imagine, in any genre you like, on the spur of the moment or in an ongoing campaign.

That’s a lot to claim for such a concise set of rules, but they deliver on that promise.

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