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These limited-edition books and dice, bookmark and biz card games, and character cards and bookmarks are not available elsewhere. The premium D13 RPG books and D6xD6 Doubledice will never be reprinted, so now’s your chance!

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D13 RPG Limited Premium Edition

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Product Details
A limited number of premium edition books remain from the Kickstarter “Make 100” project.
Features include:
  • Smythe-sewn pages
  • Premium color
  • Glossy paper
  • Custom endpapers
  • Autographed bookplate

Horror maims and kills. So should your role-playing campaign.

The D13 RPG allows for grim horror adventures, in a living campaign across time and space.

It features an innovative “d13” dice mechanic, and a tarot card system for the perilous vagaries of paranormal abilities. Its “One Roll to Rule Them All”™ approach keeps the action moving quickly in moments of peril.

Jargon-less text welcomes new players to tabletop role=playing, while expert players will find more depth than meets the eye.

Grim horror. A living campaign. Any peril across time and space.

Created by multiple Origins-award-winning game designer Lester Smith, and illustrated by the masterful Lenka Šimeková.

6” x 9” format. 128 pages.

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