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D13 RPG Premium Edition

SKU 00003
In stock
Product Details
A limited number of premium edition books remain from the Kickstarter “Make 100” project.
Features include:
  • Smythe-sewn pages
  • Premium color
  • Glossy paper
  • Custom endpapers
  • Autographed bookplate

Horror maims and kills. So should your role-playing campaign.

The D13 RPG allows for grim horror adventures, in a living campaign across time and space.

It features an innovative “d13” dice mechanic, and a tarot card system for the perilous vagaries of paranormal abilities. Its “One Roll to Rule Them All”™ approach keeps the action moving quickly in moments of peril.

Jargon-less text welcomes new players to tabletop role=playing, while expert players will find more depth than meets the eye.

Grim horror. A living campaign. Any peril across time and space.

Created by multiple Origins-award-winning game designer Lester Smith, and illustrated by the masterful Lenka Šimeková.

6” x 9” format. 128 pages.

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