Arriving – Clashing Blades!

KS Clashing Blades!

Clashing Blades! decks have begun landing on Kickstarter backers’ doorsteps. Ken Whitman supplied the photo above of his decks. (Thanks, Ken!) Note the Kickstarter-exclusive illustration on the upper left deck.

The game is now for sale on, where you can also find a FREE PDF version. Just visit DriveThruCards Clashing Blades! A PDF of the rules, a PDF of the entire deck, and sample card face illustrations can all be found on that page.

Clashing Blades! Proof Decks

Proof decks for the Clashing Blades! sword-fighting poker deck have arrived, and they look great! Pictured below is one deck spread into suits, rules, etc., another still in its plastic sleeve. My camera doesn’t really do these justice; the actual illustrations are crisp, the colors richer; but this gives you an idea.

Lower left is the Kickstarter Exclusive cover card for the deck. Upper right is the standard deck (same cards, different cover card), which will be available at once we’ve fulfilled our Kickstarter pledges. Thanks again for the support, everyone!

Clashing Blades proofs
Click the image for a larger view.

Clashing Blades! – Kickstarter Exclusive Cover

Clashing Blades - Kickstarter Exclusive cover

Here’s the Kickstarter-exclusive cover card for the Clashing Blades! sword-fighting poker deck. Ray did an amazing job with all the card illustrations. Now it’s time for Kate and me to get the deck assembled and off to the printer!

Clashing Blades! More Sketches

Based on the successful conclusion of our recent Clashing Blades! Kickstarter, we’ve asked Ray to do a new set of four character illos. The plan is to add the missing gender to each suit (a female spade and heart, and a male club and diamond), so that the deck is exactly 50/50. Professional that he is, Ray provided us several options to choose from for each suit…

New Number Card Sketches
Click the image for a larger view.

We’ve chosen 4, 7, 9, and 10. Can’t wait to see the finished versions!